About #LSA

#LaveenStrong Athletics is built on being strong in both body & mind. We feel that change happens in groups, we grow & push a little harder when we are with our peers or have someone helping us along the way. We build both physical strength & mental strength when we push through hard things such as intense workouts, which is what makes us #LaveenStrong. When we hit a good workout, we tend to feel better & we have learned that we can survive hard things which makes our mood better. This then transfers outward & we pass along the good we feel to others, we smile a little more, hold the door for the next person, stop & help someone change a tire, etc... Being #LaveenStrong is more than being physically fit, it's being fit to go out & share the strength you have built with others. It is the best way to be the change you wish to see in this world. Once you feel better, than you can help others feel better.

Meet your Coach

Kristi Oquist